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Smart Sound Processing for the Digital Living

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 Universidad de Oviedo
 Project Coordinators:
 José Ranilla Pastor

Smart COmpuTing (SSPressing-Scot) is based on the results obtained in the DiscoSound project and extends them to the new objectives of "Smart Sound Processing for the Digital Living" project, in terms of basic research and of construction of suitable applications for transfer.

The scientific basis to ensure technological advances, the optimization of computational tools, the development of high performance libraries and other DiscoSound goals were addressed considering the technological constraints of available devices during the execution. Thus, open-source libraries were built, efficient algorithms aware consumption were designed and applications were implemented in real time. Moreover, in many practical problems it is helpful to apply nonstandard machine learning techniques such as for example multi-criteria evolutionary learning. These techniques allowed us to resolve successfully complex problems such as performance and consumption in the intelligent management of high performance clusters or the construction of high efficiency energetic classifiers for medical devices.

Based on the knowledge acquired, the research to be carried out in SSPressing - Scot will follow a similar approach: transversality and support technology for the rest of subprojects.

A division of the work among experts in signal processing and experts in intelligent systems / high performance programming is beneficial to both: allows the first ones to avoid the problem of optimization / programming and provides to the second ones real problems that validate their proposals.